Following some particularly testing times for commercial passenger aviation, new security measures were put in place to ensure the safety of those flying in and around Europe. Understandably, this is a precaution that should be taken and should not be begrudged by those flying, however, new reports and cited passengers are now reporting being delayed … Continue reading “European Airports hit with 3 hour delays – What’s happening?”

Originally established in 1909, the Paris Air Show is a large commercial event demonstrating primarily military aircraft to potential customers and members of the public over the course of one week, during which many contracts are signed, and sights are enjoyed. The World’s Best and Oldest Air Show Organised by representatives from the French aerospace … Continue reading “Paris Air Show 2017: What to Expect”

What is a “Squawk”? Squawks, or squawking, has its origins in The Second World War, where IFF systems were first installed. These Identification Friend or Foe systems were established in response to control friendly fire by establishing a two-way transponder system. One where air traffic control (ATC) effectively request an aviation vehicle to identify themselves … Continue reading “Squawking: What is it and what does it mean for flight tracking?”

London City Airport to Commission Digital Air Traffic Control As part of a £350m development, London City is leading the way in being the UK’s first airport to replace manned air traffic control (ATC) with a remotely operated digital system. Having already having been tested in Ireland, Norway, Sweden and even Australia, the new system … Continue reading “Flight Tracking Key to £350m London City Airport Development”