What is a “Squawk”? Squawks, or squawking, has its origins in The Second World War, where IFF systems were first installed. These Identification Friend or Foe systems were established in response to control friendly fire by establishing a two-way transponder system. One where air traffic control (ATC) effectively request an aviation vehicle to identify themselves … Continue reading “Squawking: What is it and what does it mean for flight tracking?”

London City Airport to Commission Digital Air Traffic Control As part of a £350m development, London City is leading the way in being the UK’s first airport to replace manned air traffic control (ATC) with a remotely operated digital system. Having already having been tested in Ireland, Norway, Sweden and even Australia, the new system … Continue reading “Flight Tracking Key to £350m London City Airport Development”

Recent developments in aviation have got us excited here at Plane Finder HQ, particularly as earlier this month we were able to track the maiden flight of a brand new aircraft, Chinese-built passenger jet the C-919. This is a particularly pivotal advancement for Chinese aviation, with the C-919 said to launch the country into a … Continue reading “Historic Step Forward for Chinese Aviation as the C-919 Completes Maiden Flight”

With this March having marked two years on from Malaysia Airlines’ MH370 disappearance, this year’s Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) and Avionics Maintenance Committee’s (AMC) general session unsurprisingly focused on flight tracking. In particular, analysing all evidence in order to create an onboard standard when it comes to required flight tracking technology. Fully endorsed by … Continue reading “GADSS Set New Standards for On-Board Flight Tracker Technologies”

First, it was electric cars, now it looks like electric flights may be a part of the not-too-distant future. A new technology company, Wright Electric, aims to offer the first commercial, electric-powered flight on a route from London to Paris. The development is yet to commence, however, Wright Electric are said to be in talks … Continue reading “Commercial Electric Flights Supposedly Just 10 Years Away”

On 17th October 2009, Plane Finder was released onto the Apple AppStore. Plane Finder was a groundbreaking app enabling people to track planes on a smartphone for the very first time. We had no idea back then that Plane Finder would grow to be enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. Augmented Reality (AR) App In … Continue reading “History of Plane Finder on iOS”

It was announced this morning, after a following announcement by the US, that the UK government has introduced a cabin ban on large electronic devices on several flights from specific countries. These devices until further notice will only be permissible in the hold. The UK ban applies to direct inbound flights from six countries; Tunisia, … Continue reading “UK Flight Ban on Large Electronic Items Sparked by New IS Aviation Threat”

Airlines today seem to be in a continual battle to land the revered title of ‘World’s Longest Flight.” This battle is only ever rising in intensity with Qatar Airlines recently having launched the current leader; 9031 miles from Doha to Auckland can now be achieved in one sixteen and a half hour sitting. Besides this … Continue reading “7 of the Most Exciting New Flight Routes to look out for in 2017”