On Thursday 11 October, Singapore Airlines Flight SQ22 heading to New York will claim the title of the longest ever nonstop flight. The record-breaking flight will transport 161 passengers from Changi Airport to Newark International Airport in a scheduled 18 hours and 25 minutes. The longest direct flight before was Qatar Airways Flight QR921 – … Continue reading “Passengers Buckle Up for the World’s Longest Flight”

Space exploration and aviation have been conspicuously decoupled for some time – ever since the space shuttle was decommissioned. They could finally be back together soon, with what might be the most unusual, ambitious aircraft ever built. It’s intended to carry spacecraft and satellites – but unlike the modified 747 (pictured) that ferried the space … Continue reading “From Sky to Space: is Stratolaunch the Next-Gen Spaceship?”

For three decades, the only way you could travel faster than Concorde was as an astronaut. Ever since the iconic jet was grounded in 2003, supersonic flight for civilian travellers has been out of reach – could that be about to change? Title image credit: Fonds André Cros, used under Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0 Revival … Continue reading “Encore for Concorde?”

SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are betting it all on space tourism taking off. But is there really a market for suborbital space flights priced at $250,000? The Challenges of Consumer Spaceflight Flying is so common and so routine that it’s become mundane. Air travel in modern times is actually considered by many to … Continue reading “Space Tourism: Pie in the Sky?”