Extreme aircraft are fascinating feats of engineering. They flirt with the limits of what humans can achieve, pushing the envelope further every time. Breaking records isn’t just about being the biggest or fastest – there are extremes at each end of the scale, and some of the tiniest, cheapest and slowest planes are also some … Continue reading “7 Extreme Planes: the Biggest, Smallest, Fastest and Slowest”

The future’s coming around fast. Just a decade ago, there was no iPad, no 4G network, no voice assistants – not even Plane Finder (we first released our flight tracking app in 2009). Today, we’re in the midst of an all-electric, self-driving car revolution, while automation, AI and the Internet of Things is making work … Continue reading “What Will Replace Air Travel?”

Noise from planes is unavoidable, particularly when they first take off or when they’re coming in to land. Those that live closest to busy airports, like Gatwick or Heathrow, experience the highest levels of noise. The noise generated by planes is created by the airflow around the fuselage and wings, not just by their powerful … Continue reading “Can Plane Finder Help Tackle Nuisance Complaints From Low Flying Planes?”

Since the 1990s, air travellers have been staring into seatback screens on almost every international flight. But now, those screens we’ve come to know and love could be set to disappear. In flight entertainment will never be the same again. Saying Goodbye to Seatback Screens Those screens won’t be missed by every passenger. Clunky user … Continue reading “The End of In Flight Entertainment?”

It’s time to crack open the mince pies, hang up your stockings and be on your best behaviour: because Santa Claus is coming to town! Every year, we track Santa on his busiest night of the year as he whizzes from rooftop to rooftop, town to town and country to country. Using Plane Finder, you … Continue reading “Track Santa with Plane Finder!”