Hello, fellow AvGeeks. We start our weekly roundup with a family photo courtesy of Airbus before heading over to LA to find out that family photos are sadly a thing of the past for many aviation workers! In a busy week, we also took a trip to Switzerland for a short lake hopping flight, saw … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – Smokin’”

The Boeing 747 The iconic Boeing 747 is a wide body, four engine driven aircraft manufactured by Boeing, the American aerospace company. It is uniquely recognisable via its distinctive upper deck, which denotes to it a distinctive shape that has led to it being nicknamed the ‘Jumbo Jet’. The original version of the Boeing 747 … Continue reading “Track Boeing 747 Across The World”

We’re excited to announce the immediate release of Plane Finder for iOS 10. It’s packed full of new features, as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements. We think it’s the best version of Plane Finder we’ve ever released, and we’d love to share some of it with you. Brand New Design Perhaps … Continue reading “Plane Finder Lands for iOS 10”

Welcome to another AvGeek roundup. This week we start in Glasgow, aka the pilot party capital of the world, head over to Hong Kong to see the risks of those anyplace delivery services and pour a lot of cold water onto an airport (and no that wasn’t the London planners again!). Blast from the Past … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – Looney Tunes”

In a busy AvGeek week we go large as we jump on board a giant fire engine, get excited about a huge new plane and watch a massive advert! We also got to see some fireworks – unfortunately these turned out to be a huge investment from SpaceX and Facebook going up in smoke! This … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly Goes Large”

What is Aircraft Spotting? Aircraft spotting, as the name suggests, involves tracking or ‘spotting’ planes. This hobby is often accompanied by photography which serves as a way to document which aircraft have been spotted! Generally, spotting aircrafts involves the following: Naming and identifying aircraft types and models. Recording plane information. Monitoring air traffic control communications … Continue reading “Aircraft Spotting: A How-to Guide”

Welcome to another weekly round-up from the weird and wonderful world of AvGeekery! This week we go bouncing up and down the AvGeek runway courtesy of Royal Air Maroc and Michelin. We also get to see a very ungainly crash landing by the flying bum, get taken for a spin In the Jet Stream and … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – Bump!”