Track any Ryanair Flight Status with Plane Finder here. About Ryanair Airways Ryanair has grown from a small airline flying the short journey from Waterford to London into one of Europe’s largest carriers. Found in 1984, originally as “Danren Enterprises,” Ryanair began operations in 1985. To begin with, the airline was comprised of a single … Continue reading “Tracking Ryanair Flight Status”

Tracking Flights with Augmented Reality It’s been great to see Augmented Reality (AR) in the news again recently with people all over the world using their mobile phones to catch those pesky Pokémon. In a world first way back in 2010, we made it possible to capture planes in the same way! In 2016 we’re still doing this … Continue reading “Pokémon NO – Planes YES!”

ADS-B Tracking Coverage We continue to expand our global ADS-B coverage with people in all corners of the world now hosting Plane Finder Radar systems for us. The antennas often end up at airports, on private properties, up mountains, and almost always in enviable positions with stunning views over many of the world’s great cities and vistas. 1090MHz antennas … Continue reading “What Makes an ADS-B Antenna Happy?”

Vietnam ADS-B Flight Tracking Coverage Every week we send out a large number of our high quality Plane Finder Radar ADS-B receivers. Our receivers provide highly accurate positional data ensuring that Plane Finder delivers the very best flight tracking experience to all of our users. Just this week another two found their way to Vietnam. … Continue reading “More ADS-B Coverage in Vietnam”

iOS Beta Testing Plane Finder App We are just putting the finishing touches to the next version of Plane Finder for iOS. This will be the first in a series of great updates to improve the app and we need your help! It is the first time we have ever run a public beta! We … Continue reading “Beta Testing Plane Finder”

EgyptAir Flight MS804 has gone missing over the Mediteranean Sea on route from Paris to Cairo. The Airbus A320, registration number SU-GCC, departed Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris on Wednesday evening shortly after 23:00 local time and was expected to arrive at Cairo International Airport 03:15 local time. The aircraft disappeared from air traffic control … Continue reading “EgyptAir Flight MS804 Missing”

Plane Finder relies on a global network of sharers to help maintain ADS-B clients all over the world. To help make the process of sharing ADS-B data with us as easy as possible we released a ground-up rewrite of our Plane Finder ADS-B Client just over a year ago. The update included a beautiful new web-based user interface, a quick … Continue reading “Visualising your ADS-B data in 3D with the new Plane Finder ADS-B Client”