Planes shrunk the world – and helped us reach the tiniest, most remote specks of land faster than ever before. There’s still a handful of places left in the world that are cut off, and too treacherous to reach by sea all the time. Here are some of our favourites.

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have flown a plane with no moving parts. Is this a significant event in aviation, the game changing moment that leads to electric planes? How it Works The futuristically named ion drive works by moving electricity at high voltage (20,000V) through electrodes at the front of an aerofoil, … Continue reading “MIT Ion Drive Plane Flies with Zero Moving Parts”

Airports are getting bigger and busier. Advances have been made across the aviation industry, with new routes and better in flight experiences – but what can we expect airports to be like in the future? Personalised Airport Experiences Despite the ever changing needs of customers and cities, airports have remained pretty much the same. As … Continue reading “How are Airports Preparing for the Future of Travel?”