If you take a walk along the perimeter fence of any large airport you’re certain to find an interesting bunch of people – plane spotters. Most you’ll find with cameras to their faces capturing the planes in all their glory, others may be writing things down and some may be just enjoying watching the planes … Continue reading “Plane Spotting and Autism”

Noise from planes is unavoidable, particularly when they first take off or when they’re coming in to land. Those that live closest to busy airports, like Gatwick or Heathrow, experience the highest levels of noise. The noise generated by planes is created by the airflow around the fuselage and wings, not just by their powerful … Continue reading “Can Plane Finder Help Tackle Nuisance Complaints From Low Flying Planes?”

Qantas has trialled and tested their in-flight WiFi. Their passengers are pleased with the service. So now, with a working proof of concept, Qantas has pledged to bring in-flight WiFi to 80 of its aircraft by the end of 2018. As more planes with WiFi take to the skies, we answer the real burning question … Continue reading “As Qantas Pledges WiFi on More Planes, We Ask: How Does in-Flight WiFi Work?”

What is a “Squawk”? Squawks, or squawking, has its origins in The Second World War, where IFF systems were first installed. These Identification Friend or Foe systems were established in response to control friendly fire by establishing a two-way transponder system. One where air traffic control (ATC) effectively request an aviation vehicle to identify themselves … Continue reading “Squawking: What is it and what does it mean for flight tracking?”

On 17th October 2009, Plane Finder was released onto the Apple AppStore. Plane Finder was a groundbreaking app enabling people to track planes on a smartphone for the very first time. We had no idea back then that Plane Finder would grow to be enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. Augmented Reality (AR) App In … Continue reading “History of Plane Finder on iOS”