Commercial Flight Data

Precise Data. Accurate Tracking

Plane Finder data is a trusted source of real time global flight tracking information. We pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our data and employ bespoke techniques to deliver this. The Plane Finder tracking network has been 10 years in the making and is underpinned by our large network of proprietary ADS-B and MLAT receivers (the Plane Finder Radar) as well as our industry leading client software.

Continuous Improvement

Our network expands continuously through deployment of our own receivers as well as Plane Finder software client uploads from partners and our enthusiast community.

Smarter Coverage

We believe in working smarter and continually monitor and assess the positions and data quality of our tracking receivers to achieve the best possible coverage.

Trusted Data

All data is rigorously checked and analysed before it becomes part of our Plane Finder Data products.

Our customers include airlines, ATM’s, aviation solution providers, aviation analysts and developers. The varied use cases where Plane Finder Data is driving business intelligence continue to fascinate us!

High Availability

Our infrastructure is designed to be fully redundant with up times in excess of 99.9%

Live Flight Tracking Data

If your business would benefit from trusted real time flight tracking data, our API can be supplied on a poll basis or via a push based firehose feed.

Historical Flight Data

Looking for historical flight data? Plane Finder historical flight data is available in 5 minute or 1 minute intervals dating back to 2011 and is delivered as flat files in CSV format.

Space based ADS-B

Coming later in 2019. Space based ADS-B will be used to supplement Plane Finder ADS-B data to ensure GADSS requirements can be met by airlines.

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