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Plane Finder operates a worldwide network of ADS-B receivers that track aircraft flying around the globe. Share your data with us and enjoy benefits exclusive to sharers.

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Whether you’re new to flight data sharing or already have an active ADS-B receiver, there are many benefits to sharing with Plane Finder. Our easy-to-follow guides will get you sharing in no time.

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If you already share flight tracking data via an ADS-B receiver, you can connect this to our system and enjoy exclusive Plane Finder Sharer benefits.

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Depending on the coverage in your area we may be able to offer you the free equipment needed to get started.

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Benefits of sharing

Benefits of sharing with Plane Finder

The flight data used by Plane Finder is collected via ground based ADS-B receiving stations located all over the world.

Join our global network

Become a Plane Finder data sharer and you’ll join a community of aviation enthusiasts from all across the world

Enjoy sharer leaderboards

See how your data compares to other sharers on a national and international level – can you get to the top?

Exclusive sharer benefits

As a thank you for sharing with us you’ll gain Premium access to our website and award-winning apps

Get detailed information about your shared data

The Plane Finder Client gives sharers detailed information and visuals on the quality and volume of data you share with us. Below are a few examples of the information you can see.


See how far your flight tracking data could reach

The Plane Finder Client takes the mystery out of sharing and shows you via dynamic visual layers how far your flight tracking data is reaching – it’s quite amazing.


Secure, Robust and informative

The high quality Plane Finder Client software is your go to resource for understanding how your receiver is performing, view stats, satellite maps, log files and much more.


Real time displays including 3D

The Plane Finder Client includes unique 2D and 3D map views of your local traffic data including data not normally available using ADS-B decoding tools.

How it works

How does live flight tracking work?

Plane Finder is the trusted live flight tracking platform for a huge range of people from aviation enthusiasts to professional pilots – but how does it work?

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Sharer leaderboard

Top sharers over the last 30 days

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Rank Sharer Country Positions
1 Dan S US 64,167,772
2 NL3EHV ( NL 50,533,109
3 caius GB 47,566,328
4 E B NL 43,464,474
5 János Kónya HU 42,912,288
6 Ryan Coakley US 41,225,897
7 Felix Luber DE 40,738,532
8 David Earp US 40,670,848
9 Anonymous US 40,599,324
10 Adam Stoneham US 40,195,311
Rank Country Positions
1 US 4,815,692,347
2 GB 4,537,543,252
3 DE 1,838,082,101
4 NL 1,180,939,702
5 FR 484,978,337
6 IT 415,613,665
7 AU 334,728,164
8 CA 328,177,178
9 CH 304,047,418
10 ES 270,886,519

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