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Plane Finder is a leading name in live flight tracking with a global user base. Our mobile apps are top ranking all over the world and our website is used by millions of people to follow flights for both work and pleasure.

The original real time flight tracking app

Plane Finder was created in the UK in 2009 to bring live flight tracking to the newly emerging Apple iOS App Store for the first time. It quickly amassed a large audience of flight enthusiasts and aviation professionals who had not been able to track planes from the palm of their hand before.

Trusted data

Collecting and processing our own live flight data allows us to carry out rigorous checks using our complex algorithms developed over many years. This means Plane Finder data can be trusted to show a true picture of live air traffic around the world.

"A perfect app for aviation photographers, I'm always ready with the right lens length and shooting position because of the advanced knowledge of the type of aircraft arriving when using this app."

- Nigel Blake

Creators, developers and plane enthusiasts

The three founders are still piloting Plane Finder supported by a growing and ambitious team who strive constantly to make Plane Finder the best! We pride ourselves on creating easy to use flight tracking tools underpinned by accurate flight data and lots of passion for what we do!

Top rated and top ranking since launch

Plane Finder has grown into a global business with a bespoke network of flight tracking receivers that gather live data from all around the world and a suite of Plane Finder applications for iOS, Android and the Web.

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