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Emerging Market Intelligence

If it flies, we can track it!

From the world’s first commercial UAV tracking service to aggregating Space-Based ADS-B data Plane Finder is at the forefront of the next generation of global surveillance.

Combining the industry’s oldest ADS-B data warehouse with our high quality ADS-B data, and wide range of real time products, enable business customers to solve complex challenges.

Ultra-fast end-to-end data streaming capability (sub 2 seconds from the aircraft to your servers).

Trusted and Meaningful Data

Data quality for us is about understanding the data, inspecting all inbound data, screening data using expert algorithms, continuous improvement through machine learning and an overriding philosophy that precise data is what our customers expect and need.

Industry Solutions

UAV Surveillance

The safe integration of UAVs into the world's skies is revolutionising industries both old and new.

However, tracking technology is not keeping up with UAV innovators leaving airports, aircraft operators and legislators with unresolved operational and safety challenges that are slowing progress.

Precise data and accurate tracking is required.

  • Plane Finder is uniquely placed to deliver trusted tracking and monitoring, including Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), for all types of drones and unmanned aircraft.
  • Our commercial drone tracking service combines the power of the certified Plane Finder Radar ADS-B / MLAT receiver, with our trusted situational awareness data, to deliver a complete picture of the airspace of interest.
  • Plane Finder UAV Surveillance products support all aspects of tracking from planning through to historical analysis and are suitable for all industry participants including UTMs, system integrators, UAV operators and equipment manufacturers.
  • Bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions available. Real-time data delivered via streaming or time interval API feeds.

Space-Based ADS-B Data

Space-based ADS-B data enables tracking of aircraft beyond the capabilities of any terrestrial network and is especially useful for tracking over oceanic and remote areas.

  • Data fields include drone identifier, aircraft tail number, model type, coordinates, speed, altitude, flight number, departure/destination airports and much more.
  • Delivered via streaming or time interval API feeds.
  • Quickly integrate the data into your own operations and flight display systems via widely used JSON format. APIs fully documented with example code for ease of deployment.
  • Full global feed or customised to meet your individual requirement, for example by aircraft, fleet, region etc.
  • Plane Finder Space-Based ADS-B data will be available in 2020 as part of an augmented situational awareness feed including the latest data available from our combined satellite and terrestrial networks.

Real Time Intelligence Monitoring

Live streaming of data for flights of interest.

  • Live streaming of data for flights of interest.
  • Data fields include aircraft tail number, operator, aircraft model type, location coordinates, speed, altitude, flight number, departure/destination airports and much more.
  • JSON format enables rapid deployment and minimal technical overhead.
  • The monitoring API can also be customised to meet individual requirements.

Historical Data Repository

Replay and/or analyse the activities of flights, operators and aircraft.

  • Supported by our huge repository of aircraft and flight history, the Plane Finder data is the oldest in the industry, delivering intelligence data back to 2011.
  • Data available for commercial aircraft, business aviation, private aviation and UAV aircraft.
  • Plane Finder historical data product can be customised to meet individual requirements.

Post Incident Analysis

Customised data tool for post analysis of anomalous flights.

  • Available at short notice.
  • Tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

Bespoke Flight & Aircraft Monitoring

Real time or historical data customised for individual customer requirements.

  • Can be combined with Plane Finder Radar deployments for very high resolution local tracking.
  • Delivered via streaming or time interval API feeds or alternatively via customised white label versions of Plane Finder apps or websites.