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Aviation Products

Real time surveillance

Our deep understanding of ADS-B technologies and ingrained approach to precision data means that we are a trusted partner to aviation industry professionals around the globe.

Commercial customers benefit from our unrivalled systemwide reliability (in excess of 99.99% up-time), hugely scalable and performance architecture (10,000+ API requests per minute, 86m+ positions per day) and ultra-fast end-to-end data streaming capability (sub 2 seconds from the aircraft to your servers).

Trusted and Meaningful Data

Data quality for us is about understanding the data, inspecting all inbound data, screening data using expert algorithms, continuous improvement through machine learning and an overriding philosophy that precise data is what our customers expect and need.

Industry Solutions

Real Time Surveillance

Real time situational awareness data delivered via streaming or time interval API feeds.

  • Streaming firehose (sub 2 seconds) enables precise tracking for ground and low altitude surveillance use cases.
  • Wide range of applications - from airline and airport operations through consumer facing apps and websites.
  • Data fields include aircraft tail number, model type, coordinates, speed, altitude, flight number, departure/destination airports and much more.
  • Advanced data such as barometric information and on-board avionics settings can be delivered via the same high performance APIs.
  • Quickly integrate the data into your own operations and flight display systems via widely used JSON format. APIs fully documented with example code for ease of deployment.
  • Full global feed or customised to meet your individual requirement, for example by operator, region, aircraft type, etc.
  • Feeds are available for production, development and testing. All supported by our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Airframe Identification

Real time aircraft identification data delivered via time interval API feeds.

  • Identify the actual aircraft used for a flight.
  • Data fields include tail number, ICAO type code, flight number and a photograph.
  • JSON format enables rapid deployment and minimal technical overhead.
  • Full global feed or customised to meet your individual requirement, for example included location data.

Historical ADS-B Data

Our huge repository of aircraft and flight history is the oldest in the industry and dates back to early 2011.

  • Wide range of applications including post flight analysis, fleet management, competitor analysis, environmental/noise monitoring etc.
  • Data delivered via easy to use CSV files and includes aircraft tail number, model type, coordinates, speed, altitude, flight number, departure/destination airports and much more.

Flight Status Data

Status Data from Plane Finder adds a whole new set of powerful capabilities to our streaming and time interval data feeds.

  • Real time updates for commercial flights.
  • Data fields include flight delay information, cancellations, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, terminal, gate, baggage carousel and much more.
  • Global Flight Status API can be customised by region, airline, airport etc depending upon your specific needs.

Cockpit / Instrument Data

Enhanced data directly from the cockpit.

  • Our certified receivers and advanced decoding software enable us to extend the intelligence delivered to our customers over and above typical ADS-B data sets.
  • When added onto our core situational awareness feeds, real time instrument data such as selected altitude (auto-pilot), roll angle, air pressure, outside air temperature and wind direction enable completely new insights for our customers.
  • Understanding wind speeds, temperature, etc at aircraft altitudes can be especially useful for situational awareness and to help in the creation of highly accurate weather models.

Unfiltered ADS-B Data

Completely unfiltered global ADS-B Data.

  • Our sophisticated data network is capable of tracking almost any flying machine. However we also believe that we have a responsibility to respect both national security and individual privacy requirements across the globe. Therefore, you will not see all tracked aircraft within our public facing products.
  • It is of vital importance that when using situational awareness data for functions such as detect and avoid that the true picture of the airspace of interest is available.
  • Completely unfiltered global ADS-B data is available as an add-on to Plane Finder streaming or time interval API feeds.

Plane Finder Radar Surveillance Receiver

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Plane Finder Radar is a precision ADS-B receiver with very high resolution multilateration (MLAT) capability.

  • Certified ADS-B receiver is designed for long term reliability and includes advanced self-healing and auto-update technologies.
  • Engineered to provide superb near-range coverage in busy environments, such as airports, without any loss of sensitivity to long-range broadcasts. Supports ADS-B, Mode-S & Mode-A/C.
  • Ideally suited for commercial and metropolitan area drone surveillance and can be meshed to provide optimised zonal tracking.
  • Data from the Plane Finder Radar can be made available for direct access locally or streamed to our data centers for additional processing and augmentation.
  • High quality UAV, airport or metropolitan area tracking.

Exception Alerting

Customised real time notifications for aircraft or flights that transmit squawk warnings or operate outside of expectations.

  • Especially useful to operations and marketing functions.
  • Exception alerting service enables rapid decision making by support personnel in the event of an aircraft or flight anomaly.
  • When delivered to marketing team members it enables the business to control the narrative, and respond accordingly, in the event of diversions, delays etc.
  • Typically delivered via text or email.

Customised User Displays

Display situational awareness data into your own internal, or customer facing, products.

  • Since 2009 Plane Finder apps have been at the leading edge of innovation and design with our apps and website enjoyed by millions of people across the globe.
  • Our proven pre-built platform can be leveraged via customised white label versions of Plane Finder apps or websites.
  • Dramatically lowers the time and cost associated with undertaking such complex development tasks using internal or contracted resources.