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About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has managed to firmly establish itself as one of the world’s leading airlines, in just 13 years of operation.

Set up by Royal Amiri Decree in July 2003, Etihad Airways began commercial operations in November of the same year. Since then it has become one of the fastest growing airlines in commercial aviation’s history.

Last year alone, all 121 of Etihad’s aircraft fleet transported over 17 million passengers to 116 different destinations. They also flew 591,000 tonnes of cargo across the globe and accumulated  over $8bn of profit. A 17% increase on the year before. It is easy to see why they are a multi-award winning airline!

How To Track the Status of your Etihad Airways Flight

With over 1000 Etihad Airways flights a week taking off, it is highly likely that at one point or another you will want to track the status of a particular Etihad flight. This is where Plane Finder steps in:

Desktop Etihad Flight Tracker:

  1. Search for a Flight via Flight Number

The easiest way to track any flight using Plane Finder’s flight tracker is by searching for a particular flight via flight number. If you know a flight’s specific number you can search this in the search bar. Plane Finder’s sophisticated flight tracker will then find this individual flight and pull up all of the related information as shown below:

Track Etihad Flight by Flight Number

Plane Finder can tell you the flight’s progression, it’s scheduled and expected arrival times as well as its departure time. Its altitude, speed and direction it is heading, along with more specific information about the aircraft itself.

  1. Add an Etihad Airways Filter

If you do not have the flight number of the flight that you want to track – don’t panic! You can still track its status.

The easiest way to do this is by saving an Etihad Airways filter. To do this you can click on the filter option in the top right toolbar, then enter the airline and save the filter:

Track Etihad Flight Departure

This will then filter out all non-Etihad flights. If you then know the plane’s flight path you can pick it out, click on it and it will pull up the same information as above.

  1. Locate plane from Airport Departure / Arrival Board

The third and final way to track an Etihad Airways flight status is by the airport. If you know the rough arrival or departure time and either the departure or destination airport, you can locate a specific plane and track its flight status. By clicking on a specific airport it will display its live departure and arrival boards. From this, if you know the time of the flight you can click on that flight and it will then pull up the same information at before. If you don’t, it’s a bit more hit and miss but still easily done:

Track Etihad Flight on Map

As you can see above the flight numbers to reference their corresponding airline. And so, worst comes to the worst, you can click on each flight number to find the plane you want to track!

Click here to track any Etihad Airways flight status now!

Plane Finder Application Flight Tracker:

The process of tracking an Etihad Airways flight status on the application platform follows the exact same process as outlined above for the desktop version.

Download the Plane Finder Flight Tracking App from the App Store or via the Play Store for ‘on the go’ flight tracking and a dynamic augmented reality experience, which can pick out and name all planes flying near you at any moment! Alternatively, use our interactive desktop version.

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