A British Airways pilot was forced to make an emergency landing this week, after two drunk women tried to storm into his cockpit.

London Gatwick to Tunisia

The flight from London Gatwick to Tunisia landed safely in Lyon where the Malibu-swigging women were placed in a cell for the night.

It was determined that the women, aged 50 and 43, were a safety threat. According to guardian.co.uk, they were behaving aggressively throughout the flight, refused to sit down and tried to force their way into the cockpit.

Thankfully, air traffic control teams were able to accommodate the plane relatively easy with help from their air traffic radar.

“Aggressive Behaviour Would Always be Unacceptable on any of their Flights”

In a statement published by standard.co.uk, a BA spokesperson said that aggressive behaviour would always be unacceptable on any of their flights.

Drunk Passengers Emergency Landing
British Airways aircraft – Photo © Howard Cargill – pinkfroot.com

They said: “Monday’s BA2664 service from Gatwick to Tunisia was diverted to Lyon following the continued disruptive behaviour of two female passengers. Our customers and flying crew deserve a safe and enjoyable flight experience. We do not tolerate any disruptive behaviour on board our flights.”

Other passengers described the experience as “very frightening” but they were able to complete their journey to Tunisia safely soon after the landing. The women may be now be banned from British Airways flights for life.

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