Welcome to our weekly round-up from the weird and wonderful world of AvGeekery!

This week we find Wally – and not just the once we might add! We also catch up with some spectacular aircraft, take a couple of dips in the drink and make a bid for a second-hand helicopter.

In Blast from the Past we take a look at some not very sharp shooting by the USAF!

Airlander 10 – World’s Largest Aircraft First Flight

At 92m this is 19m longer than an A380 so we can’t wait to see these in our skies!

You don’t see it in this video but the reason for this having the nickname of the flying bum is pretty obvious when viewed from the front.

We suspect that the silly nickname won’t prevent this aircraft from having a great future.

Air Traffic Control Works to Recover a Pilot’s Wallet

Ever left something behind on a plane? Chances are you never saw it again! Looks like a different story if you happen to be the pilot!

Watch Hero Air Show Fans Rescue a Ditched Pilot


We are sure that this pilot is very grateful for the quick thinking and actions of these airshow spectators.

Hero Air Show

Honeywell B752 Flight Test

A very nice video of this unusual aircraft. That pod on the side is used to test the third engine!

Currently, the aircraft is testing very high-speed onboard internet services.

Soon you’ll be able to catch up with AVGeek weekly wherever you are!

Air Ambulance Pilot Buys Pay and Display Ticket


Could we soon see helicopters land at airport car parks? Even with their prices, it’ll still be cheaper than landing fees!

Air Ambulance Pilot Buys Pay and Display Ticket

Water-Bombing Plane Flies Past just Feet Above the Ground


A closer view than some people might have liked of some stunning flying by the crew of this French firefighting aircraft.

Fire Water-Bombing Plane

Navy Engineer Returns Lost Wallet via 1,300-mile European Road Trip


Wally the Wallet gets to fly in a Chinook. Sounds like a new must-watch TV show for AvGeek children everywhere!

Navy Engineer Returns Lost Wallet

14-SHIP FORMATION Over Baltic Sea

We find this video compelling and beautiful!


The Runaway Drone that caused a Cold War Air Battle


Well, these guys couldn’t hit a barn door from 10 ft – unless of course, they weren’t aiming for it!!

Cold War Air Battle


Royal Navy Westland Lynx


Need a guardian for your gate? Well if you are in the UK this is a perfect choice!

Royal Navy Westland Lynx

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