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Why do you need a Flight Tracker?

Having a flight tracker app smugly pocketed away on your phone, or at the tip of your fingers on your computer really can be incredibly useful and is increasingly becoming a must in today’s fast-paced world.

Flight trackers can adeptly aid in managing your own schedule and itinerary, keeping you up to date with airport arrivals and departures, allowing you to not only identify 12,000+ planes overhead but also ensuring that you are up to date with all aviation news, from real-time plane delays to incidents.

A basic flight tracker will do exactly what the name suggests: track flights. However, more and more we are seeing increasingly dynamic and sophisticated flight tracking software hit the desktop and mobile app markets. With this near saturation, how can you really tell the best of the bunch and ensure that you have selected the best flight tracker for you before downloading or purchasing.

This article serves as a guide to navigating your way around what to look for when choosing a flight tracker, and why, for many, Plane Finder’s flight tracker is the best of the bunch.

Best Flight Tracking Features

Plane Finder’s flight tracking app and desktop platform, not only keeps its promise to track flights, but it also offers a far more comprehensive experience through advanced functionalities that ensures it is suitable for all, whatever the reason for downloading. Plane Finder’s tracker features are listed below, and provides a benchmark of what others should be measured against:

Sophisticated Mappings: Plane Finder gives you the option of different styles of mapping, from terrain to roads, to satellite and more. You can even control the lighting of each. The paid for mobile application allows users to unlock more, including detailed aviation chart overlays.

Filters & Searches: Both the mobile application and desktop platform come complete with dynamic and comprehensive search and filter options. You can track planes, or any specific plane, by flight number, airline, aircraft type, airport (departure or arrival), altitude, speed and more.

Data: Plane Finder draws its flight tracking data from four of the best sources. These include ADS-B, FAA, MLAT, FLARM. By using four sources ensures that the best flight tracking experience is truly in real time.

Playback: Missed Team GB’s return? Want to know what happened to missing flight MH370 in March? Want to go further back? All of this and more is possible with Plane Finder’s playback feature that allows you to rewatch or track any flight that has taken off since April 2011.

Augmented Reality (AR): The mobile application offers users a dynamic AR experience, allowing any flight flying ‘nearby’ or overhead to be easily located and identified. This feature is ideal for enthusiasts, beginner – or advanced- plane spotters, travellers and anyone with an interest in planes or who just want to impress their friends with this great feature.

Information Provided: One aspect that makes this flight tracker stand out is the astonishing amount of additional information provided. You can easily find out information about individual planes and flights, airlines, live departure and arrival boards, airport statuses and more.

Why Plane Finder’s Flight Tracker has been Top Rated and Top Ranking since 2009

Top Rated for the Intrepid Traveller and Carefree Holidaymaker

Now with access to every airport’s live departure and arrival boards, Plane Finder can ensure that you are always on time. Plane Finder is also extremely useful for those planning trips and unsure of where to go. Both the mobile app and desktop feature allows access to current flying routes of each listed airport.

The paid for mobile application takes this further and allows for customizable aircraft lists and alerts so that you know if a plane is on time – never risk missing your flight again!

Top Ranked for the Prompt Businessmen and Current Affairs Gurus

The information Plane Finder places in your pocket or on your desk, enables users to be the first to know when it comes to aviation timings and incidents. Never be late for a colleague’s pick up and stay completely updated with events in the sky via alerts, playback, and the smart search features.

Top Overall for Flight, Plane and Aviation Enthusiasts

Where plane finder flight tracker really comes into its own, is where the enthusiasts are concerned. Although each one of our best flight tracker features are highly credible when taken on their own, their strength and ability when combined is second to none. Track, watch, identify, filter, discuss, bookmark, read and more all at the same time.

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