In a busy AvGeek week we go large as we jump on board a giant fire engine, get excited about a huge new plane and watch a massive advert!

We also got to see some fireworks – unfortunately these turned out to be a huge investment from SpaceX and Facebook going up in smoke!

This week also saw the passing of the legendary engineer Joe Sutter – a man that created an amazing aircraft and spawned whole generations of AvGeeks.

B747-400 Global SuperTanker

When the fire service can’t get the job done – who you gonna call?

Global SuperTanker

Antonov 225 to be built again!

AvGeek joy knew no bounds this week as we learned that another one of these amazing machines wil be built!

Antonov 225

The long and the short of the 787 at All Nippon

A very interesting analysis of All Nippon’s unusual deployment of their Dreamliner fleet.

787 at All Nippon

First class and business class flight gift bags

Not quite the gift bags seen at the Oscars but we wouldn’t say no – if we ever get the chance!

business class flight gift bags

Tired of driving to work, this man built a plane

Cool Idea + Cool Plane + Cool Guy = Massive AvGeek respect from us!

4 spaces though! We can’t even get one at AvGeek towers!

fly to work

The $30,000-A-Night Jet That Flies Empty

FedEx forgot to pick up your parcel? No problem – just leave your landing light on!

$30,000-A-Night Jet

SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch

Sad news from the Cape this week as a SpaceX rocket disappeared in a fireball taking a Facebook satellite with it.

SpaceX rocket explodes


Meet the people who helped shape Boeing’s 100-year history

Joe Sutter – Father of the 747 who passed away this week.

Boeing’s 100-year history


Breaking the World Record for Largest Aerial Projection Screen

Wired take us behind the scenes to show how this giant flying advertisement was made possible.

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