Welcome to another AvGeek roundup. This week we start in Glasgow, aka the pilot party capital of the world, head over to Hong Kong to see the risks of those anyplace delivery services and pour a lot of cold water onto an airport (and no that wasn’t the London planners again!).

Blast from the Past this week shows a series of wonderful images from a bygone era where it was even ok to smoke on a plane. Sadly this won’t help Samsung phone users now!

Airline Pilots Arrested on Alcohol Charge at Glasgow Airport


Oh no! Not again! This has become a regular AvGeek feature!

Glasgow Airport Tracking

FAA Warns not to Check your Galaxy Note 7 or Fly with it on


Hmm – trusting passengers to behave rationally and do as they are told when flying. What could possibly go wrong with that idea?

Samsung Phone on a Plane

Delivery Van Crashes into Dragonair Plane Carrying 295 People at Hong Kong


The insurance company for this vehicle is likely to be in for a rather unpleasant surprise!

Dragonair Plane Crash Hong Kong

How to Fit the World’s Biggest Indoor Waterfall in an Airport


Unsurprisingly it is not that easy. Wired gives us the lowdown on how it is done. Well at least the theory anyway!

Airport Waterfall

Missed Connections: the Direct Flights you won’t find flying out of London


An interesting insight from Simon Calder on how money, and available runways, shape the direct destinations available to London flyers.

Missed London Flight Connections Tracking

Planes over Brooklyn

Mesmerising and a little like the House of Cards intro!


1960-70s Flight Attendants


Some glamorous (and not so glamorous) pictures in the golden age of aviation!

1960 Air Hostess


Southwest Looney Tunes

What’s up doc?

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