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British Airways, BA

British Airways, commonly shortened to BA, was first established in 1972 by the UK government to manage two large international and two small regional pre-existing nationalised airlines. However, in March 1974 all four of these airlines merged under one name and one company; British Airways.

After 13 years under this state controlled merger, British Airways was finally privatised as part of a wide-scale privatisation plan to become the airline we all know today.

When ranked by fleet size, BA is the largest UK airline boasting an impressive 268 strong (very soon to be 269) aircraft that are currently in operation. Via this fleet, BA carries “more than 40 million customers a year and serves those customers 35 million cups of tea, 36.5 million meals and 3.7 million bottles of wine!”

Based at the ever-busy Heathrow Airport and with the Head Quarters situated at Waterside, Harmondsworth, British Airways flies to over 170 destinations throughout 70 different countries. To see a full list of destinations, please click here.

Tracking BA Flight Status: How-to

Being the largest UK airline with the most active planes, chances are that there will be times when you find yourself wanting or needing to track a particular BA flight status. Plane Finder’s flight tracker is one effective way to do this.

Plane Finder’s flight tracker allows you to track any BA flight status either via the Plane Finder Database or with Plane Finder’s dynamic flight tracker – which is now available on both desktop and mobile.

Three easy methods to track BA Flight status via Plane Finder’s flight tracker

Track BA flight status by searching for the flight using the specific flight number in the search bar at the top on either Plane Finder’s desktop or mobile flight tracker:

Track my BA flight

The easiest way to track any BA flight status is to use the search bar at the top and search for the flight itself via its unique flight number.

This will immediately pull through all available information surrounding the flight and aircraft, including; the BA flight journey progression, the aircraft’s current speed, its altitude and direction, the flight’s scheduled,expected arrival time and its inbound and outbound airports.

For those keen plane spotters, Plane Finder’s flight tracker will also pull through more detailed information relating to the specific British Airways aircraft type.

Track BA flight status by adding a British Airways filter on either Plane Finder’s desktop or mobile flight tracker:

British Airways Flight Track

However, If you do not know the flight number then fear not, all is not yet lost; using Plane Finder, you can easily add a British Airways Filter, which will filter out all currently airborne flights of other airlines.

From here, if you know the aircraft’s flight path, via a process of deduction, you can manually select the plane. This will then draw down onto the specific flight, pulling up all the same information as before, including the BA flight status

Track BA flight status via airport departure and arrival boards on either Plane Finder’s desktop or mobile flight tracker:

Live BA Flights

However, if you don’t know the plane’s flight path or the flight’s specific flight number, there is a third and final way that you can use Plane Finder’s flight tracker to track BA flight statuses: By using the rough departure or arrival time and the departure or destination airport – which you can search for a specific airport in Plane Finder’s smart search bar – you can select the flight you’re after, via an airport’s departure or arrival boards.

Once locating either airport, Plane Finder’s flight tracker will display the live departure and arrival boards. If you know the time of the BA flight you want to track, you can then click on that flight manually – or find it through trial and error – where it will then pull up the same information as before.

Plane Finder’s Flight Tracker: Mobile Application and Desktop

The process of tracking a British Airways flight status on the Plane Finder mobile app follows the exact same process as outlined above.

You can download the Plane Finder Flight Tracking App from the App Store or via the Play Store for ‘on the go’ flight tracking. This is fully equipped with a dynamic augmented reality experience, which can pick out and name all planes flying near you at any moment!

Alternatively, use our interactive desktop version.

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