We start this week with a couple of heart warming stories from up in the skies. Dressing up as a donut, a phone (and erm – in stockings!) sure makes a change from the witches and ghosts that we’ve seen around here!

This week we also heard some excellent news about the future of the Red Arrows and saw the latest Chinese fighter take to the skies – even though we think we’ve seen it somewhere before!

In Blast from the Past, we check in with CNN to learn some amazing news about how Amelia Earhart may have perished.

Trick or Treat!


So pleased the airline allowed this to happen!

halloween flight




How can you look so good after a long flight? We usually are drooling and look like a mess!

QF93, Qantas Pilot, Captain Dooley Ellis

Airline Employee Dresses Up as an Exploding Samsung Phone for Halloween


Brilliant sense of humour. Do we have to return her to Samsung now?

Exploding Samsung Phone for Halloween

British Airways pilot grounded over alleged cockpit sex pictures in stockings taken at 38,000 feet


The pilot has now been suspended from duty.

This is the safest photo we could find in the article, proceed with caution!

British Airways pilot

Red Arrows aerobatic display team to get new aircraft


Everyone loves the Red Arrows and the Hawks that they fly.

They are getting a little old so it’s just been announced they are getting some new jets! We wait in anticipation!

Red Arrows aerobatic display

[REAL ATC] American B763 CAUGHT FIRE at Chicago O’Hare!

Another great video showing the professionalism of all involved.

Melted Wing


And this it the aftermath of the wing fire. Airframe a write off!

Aircraft wing fire


Amelia Earhart died as a castaway, not on air – CNN.com


A sad tale but this theory would explain a lot!

Amelia Earhart


Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter First Demo Flight


Looks remarkably like the F-35!

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