Plane Finder ADS-B Client changelog

Here's a historical look at the changes made to the Plane Finder ADS-B client over time.

4.1 Latest!
  • All new 3D view so you can see the aircraft in glorius 3D on a globe
  • Added OSM view as default 2D map
  • Added new polar diagram to the 2D map
  • Added new range rings to the 2D map
  • Added dashed elements to the flightpaths to show breaks in coverage
  • Added NTP within the client so it's no longer needed locally
  • Improvements to ADS-B decoding
  • New GPS view for Plane Finder Radar receivers
  • Brand new map view including aircraft labels, photographs and additional metadata lookup
  • Added colour-coded flightpaths to represent altitude
  • Added the ability to mouse over flightpaths to view their speed and altitude at that any given point in time
  • Improved Data View layout. Added the option to filter by additional fields
  • Added the ability to set a Google Maps API key for users wishing to share their client webpages publicly (this is optional and not necessary when accessing the client locally)
  • Rewritten HTTP parser to handle browser communication more reliably
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
  • Minor fixes to ModeS extended attributes
  • New 3D view to help you improve your reception
  • Fixes for crashing on Windows
  • Map now centers on receiver location when no planes are tracked
  • Support for Plane Finder Radar unit
  • Better checking of data packets from RTL devices
  • Better error handling with not so great internet connections
  • Display different aircraft icons depending on aircraft category
  • Decoding of extra data from the ADS-B packets
  • Dropped support for 30003 data formats
  • Now correctly displays MLAT traffic fed from Dump1090
  • MLAT now compatible with Radarcape units
  • Resolves an issue with an upcoming FlightAware Dump1090 release
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
Beta 3
  • Fixed an issue with 30003 input format
  • Fixed an issue where client would consume all system resources
  • Ability to update core code remotely
  • Added an echo port on 30054
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
Beta 2
  • Futher work to improve CPU and memory usage
  • The setup process will now pre-populate existing settings when reconfiguring the client
  • Improved client termination and clean-up
  • Made the web log viewer more resilient to errors
  • Added periodic logging of successful uploads
  • Improved timestamp handling
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
Beta 1

Initial release of our new client, including a number of interface improvements:

  • Brand new web-based setup for easy configuration
  • Searchable and sortable tabular data view
  • Auto-updating log viewer
  • Live statistics and traffic visualisations

As well as improvements to the underlying client code:

  • Vastly improved CPU and memory usage
  • Improved the accuracy of data collection