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Plane Finder statistics

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Over the last 30 days we've tracked:

2,114,581 flights

Including GLO1549, GLO1795, UA1488, and many more...

71,934 aircraft

Including CP-2926, OB-2079-P, OB-2036-P, and many more...

8,816 sharers

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Top data sharers over the last 30 days...

Rank Sharer Location Positions Reported
Rank 1 Sharer Yves W Location Luxembourg Leudelange Positions Reported 33,093,274
Rank 2 Sharer Frits, PE2G Location Netherlands Almelo Positions Reported 26,359,170
Rank 3 Sharer Fox 2k11 Location Germany Riedstadt Positions Reported 25,805,561
Rank 4 Sharer Bob Geddes Location United Kingdom New Malden Positions Reported 25,532,834
Rank 5 Sharer Herbert Harzig Location Germany Neuenkirchen Positions Reported 23,954,573
Rank 6 Sharer Tonny Woertman Location Netherlands Tilburg Positions Reported 23,509,624
Rank 7 Sharer Ton Bru Location Netherlands Duiven Positions Reported 23,474,432
Rank 8 Sharer Twente Radar Location Netherlands Enschede Positions Reported 23,035,715
Rank 9 Sharer caius   Location United Kingdom Hornchurch Positions Reported 22,558,786
Rank 10 Sharer Keith Maton Location United Kingdom Kirby Cross Positions Reported 22,435,738
Rank Country Positions Reported
Rank 1 Country United KingdomUnited Kingdom Positions Reported 1,365,859,214
Rank 2 Country United StatesUnited States Positions Reported 1,135,143,781
Rank 3 Country GermanyGermany Positions Reported 865,878,813
Rank 4 Country NetherlandsNetherlands Positions Reported 428,763,883
Rank 5 Country FranceFrance Positions Reported 227,041,631
Rank 6 Country SwitzerlandSwitzerland Positions Reported 164,185,869
Rank 7 Country CanadaCanada Positions Reported 142,916,388
Rank 8 Country ItalyItaly Positions Reported 140,105,584
Rank 9 Country AustraliaAustralia Positions Reported 134,547,420
Rank 10 Country SpainSpain Positions Reported 100,087,582

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