Plane Finder 3D

A revolutionary flight tracking app that allows you to view live air traffic in a dynamic 3D environment.

Available for iPad & iPhone


Plane Finder 3D comes with new and innovative flight tracking technologies

3D Aircraft

Plane Finder 3D comes with a number of accurate and beautifully modelled aircraft models. From the AW139 to the mighty B747-8, there's a lot to discover in the friendly skies. Pinch, zoom and rotate to inspect each in beautiful detail.

Live Tracking

Plane Finder 3D builds on the reliability of our existing flight tracking network by adding a new dimension to our data. Track world air traffic in real-time. Span the globe with the flick of a finger, or zoom into your favourite airports for ground level action.

New Heights

Plane Finder 3D lets you visualise air traffic in a whole new way. View aircraft crossing the Atlantic from space, or zoom down to airports to investigate holding patterns and flightpaths in full 3D.

Smart Search

Search for flights, airports and locations using our Smart Search feature. Just start typing to receive instant, relevant suggestions.

Focus Mode

Hoping to track a specific aircraft? Enter Focus Mode to hide other traffic. Paired with our flight status information it's a great way to track the progress of any flight.

Works with Plane Finder

The ultimate power couple! Plane Finder 3D is built to work hand-in-hand with our top ranking Plane Finder app. Jump to Plane Finder for detailed stats, or hop into 3D to really be a part of the action.

Full Augmented Reality

Made with ARKit

Plane Finder 3D uses Apple's new cutting edge ARKit technology to allow you to explore any airspace in the world in full Augmented Reality.

Watch traffic fly into London's Heathrow Airport on your coffee table, or walk around San Francisco bay for a better view of morning air traffic - all updated in real-time.

Plane Finder 3D's AR experience couldn't be easier to use:

  1. Just select a spot on the globe you'd like to explore
  2. Point your device at a flat surface
  3. Watch as aircraft appear right in your living room!


See the world with Plane Finder 3D!

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