Plane Finder ADS-B Client

The Plane Finder ADS-B Client is the easiest and most accurate way to share your ADS-B data with us.

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Linux ARMHF (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Radarcape etc.)

Linux amd64

Linux i386


The Plane Finder ADS-B Client comes with great features to help you explore and interact with your data in realtime. It works with most receivers including Plane Finder Radar, Radarcape, Mode-S Beast, Kinetic SBS and Puck models, RTL, MicroADSB etc.

Web based setup for easy configuration

Search and sortable tabular data view

Auto-updating log viewer

Live statistics and traffic visualisations

Low CPU and memory usage

Incredibly accurate data collection

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If you share data with us please contact our team who can arrange free premium use of our website and apps.

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