Plane Finder.
Live flight tracker.

Plane Finder is a top rated live flight tracking app, used by millions of people to track live air traffic and get real time flight data.

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The innovative live flight tracker

Since launching on the iOS App Store in 2009, Plane Finder has been the pioneer of live flight tracking with over 100+ innovative updates.

Trusted data

We use our own source of accurate ADS-B data

Launched 2009

First live flight tracking app on the iOS App Store

Award winning

150+ Apple features and recommendations

Global userbase

Over 180,000 positive reviews and ratings


Flip into 3D from any aircraft, location or airport

Track live air traffic in a beautiful 3D environment, filled with airports, realistic terrain and even hot air balloons.

Packed full of features to enhance your experience

Enjoy advanced features that help you quickly and easily uncover the mysteries of live air traffic.


Quickly jump to any location in the world. Create your own bookmarks by simply selecting a location on the map.


Set custom aircraft filters and only show live aircraft you are interested in, perhaps an airline or aircraft type.


Rewind time and track the route of flights from any year, month or day all the way back to 2011.


Create as many custom alerts as you like, or let our team notify you of live aircraft events as they happen.

Weather New!

See the impact of live weather on flights around the world with 5 powerful weather layers.

"What a wonderful app. Trace aircraft anywhere in the world. I am currently tracking my granddaughter’s progress across the Pacific..."


Identify aircraft overhead with your phone camera

Simply point your phone at the sky to identify aircraft overhead and reveal live flight data.

Make it your own

Plane Finder on iOS is a fully native experience that feels familar and easy to use. Pick your map, label and UI styles to truly make the app your own.

Dark and Light UIs

Enjoy a dark UI perfect for low-light situations or a bolder look.

Aircraft Labels

Display airline logos with up to 4 lines of data next to live aircraft.

Label Styles New!

Choose a label colour that suits you - including a radar inspired style.

Map Type

Switch between satellite, hybrid, detailed and simple map options.

One account.
Multiple devices.

Your Plane Finder account lets you track aircraft across multiple devices. Enjoy Premium access to as well as Plane Finder on iPad and Apple Watch.

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