An Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide and Plane Finder Challenge

Women_Of_Aviation_Worldwide_WeekPinkfroot are delighted to support Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2013 (March 4-10, 2013).

During the week of March 8, anniversary of the first female pilot license worldwide and International Women’s Day, the aviation industry proudly showcases its female members and extends a warm welcome to newcomers.

For the occasion, Pinkroot specifically created a customized version of which shows the events scheduled for this year’s Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, alongside our live plane tracking.

Moreover, on April 4 2013, Pinkfroot will reveal the outcome of the “Women Color the Skies” challenge in an animated visualization of women’s involvement in air traffic worldwide right here.

The visual will combine commercial flights with at least one woman in a technical function (pilot, air traffic controller, dispatcher, aircraft mechanic, etc.) and female discovery flights that took place around the world during the week.

Participating in the “Women Color the Skies” challenge is easy. Professional women of aviation are invited to report their professional activities by completing an online form at while pilots introducing girls and women to flying are encouraged to file an electronic flight report at

Pinkfroot has been providing live plane tracking apps since 2009 and have a female co-founder. We are looking forward to expanding our support next year to include a realtime visualization of flights flown by, handled by and controlled by women of aviation.