The 787 Dreamliner aircraft is Boeing’s state of the art vision for the next generation of air travel with improved comfort, performance and energy efficiency.

These objectives seem to have been achieved with airlines reporting considerable improvements in fuel economy and passengers giving glowing reports of their flight experience.

All of this positive news has however been overshadowed by a series of issues and events that have called many to question the safety, production method and design of the aircraft.

787 Dreamliner Aircraft

The most serious problem resulted in a 3-month grounding of all 787’s around the world. Things were looking good again but then came another fire – this time on the ground at London Heathrow.

Here at, we’ve often been asked what would we do. Would we fly on one? Would we take our families on one? When asked now we catch ourselves hesitating to answer! We don’t think that we are alone there. We even heard anecdotally of some experienced pilots who would not want to pilot the plane.

Our live flight trackers capture aircraft turning around on flights all of the time – these occurrences usually happen for minor reasons with no danger to the aircraft. We don’t know the technical reasons but nothing suggests anything unusual about the incidents. These incidents for the 787 are probably only newsworthy because of the unrelated fire issues.

Problems and delays

Problems and delays during the initial testing phase aren’t that unusual either and any completely new aircraft will hit various snags during production and testing.

The final assembly production method too is used by industries across the world and is proven to be successful when managed and controlled effectively. It seems now that production is operating smoothly and efficiently and new aircraft are being delivered at a steady rate.

However, questions do remain – Is the aircraft safe? Are the batteries safe? Is there anything else wrong that hasn’t been found yet?

So – would I go on one today? – hesitate – yes I would.

Would I take my family on one today – hesitate – hmm – that last fire was only two weeks ago  – Let me think about that some more….

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