The world’s biggest plane billboard will hit the skies this week to celebrate the upcoming release of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’.

A Boeing 777-300ER will take off from Auckland on Saturday (November 24th) with a 830 square-metre advert for the film stretched across its exterior.

The plane will land in Los Angeles and London in a slick effort to promote the highly anticipated new film.

Details about what is the billboard are being kept firmly under wraps by Air New Zealand. In an interview with, the airline’s head of marketing Jodi Williams explained what motivated them to attempt the record-breaking feat.

“It’s very challenging for Air New Zealand to get that brand presence and that awareness because we don’t have a significant marketing budget, so by actually working in partnership with a movie that’s shot in New Zealand and shows New Zealand, it makes perfect sense,” she said.

The Lord of the Rings franchise is known to have some extremely dedicated fans and a few might want to follow the plane using live flight tracking technology on their computers.

According to, the plane is scheduled to do a flyby of Wellington on Wednesday (November 28), the date of the film’s world premiere.

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