ADS-B Tracking Coverage

We continue to expand our global ADS-B coverage with people in all corners of the world now hosting Plane Finder Radar systems for us.

The antennas often end up at airports, on private properties, up mountains, and almost always in enviable positions with stunning views over many of the world’s great cities and vistas.

1090MHz antennas are really AvGeeks at heart though and just love to see planes!

Take a look at this one below – we think that this is one happy antenna!

ADS-B flight tracking
ADS-B antenna keeping an eye on an AirAsia plane

Not only can this antenna watch planes right under its nose but it also gets to see aircraft 250 miles away! And because it is attached to a high specification Plane Finder Radar all of this lovely data is delivered in real time directly to Plane Finder!

Get your Free Plane Finder Radar ADS-B Receiver

If you think you can make one of our antennas happy then why not apply for a free Plane Finder Radar ADS-B receiver. Alternatively you could even own one outright – just register your interest here: Plane Finder Radar Coming Soon

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