Plane Finder relies on a global network of sharers to help maintain ADS-B clients all over the world. To help make the process of sharing ADS-B data with us as easy as possible we released a ground-up rewrite of our Plane Finder ADS-B Client just over a year ago. The update included a beautiful new web-based user interface, a quick and intuitive setup process, support for MLAT, at-a-glance statistics and a live air traffic map.

We remain incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from our sharers and understand that maintaining an ADS-B receiver isn’t always easy. Unfortunately improving the reliability of ADS-B software is only half of the battle. Which is why, earlier this year, we were excited to announce the roll-out of our very own ADS-B hardware – the Plane Finder Radar – which comes packaged out-of-the-box with our client software to make it the easiest way to setup and maintain a reliable and high-quality ADS-B receiver.

Adding a new dimension to ADS-B data visualisation

Since the rollout of our new ADS-B client, we’ve listened to user feedback and have been hard at work updating the software. Today we’re pleased to announce a new version which uses the latest in web technologies to give receiver owners access to real-time polar and air traffic visualisations in both 2D and 3D.

View your ADS-B receivers range in 3D with the Plane Finder Client
View your ADS-B receivers range in 3D with the Plane Finder Client

As well as being able to visualise the range of your ADS-B antenna, the new Plane Finder Client also allows you to pan and zoom your way through real-time 3D air traffic.

air traffic in real-time
3D Visualisation of air traffic in real-time

Making the most of the Plane Finder ADS-B Client

The Plane Finder ADS-B Client is completely free to download, works on Linux (Raspberry Pi’s, BeagleBone, etc…), Windows and Mac, and is already compatible with the most popular ADS-B receivers on the market:

  • Plane Finder Radar
  • Beast
  • Kinetic Puck & SBS
  • Radarcape
  • RTL dongles (via Dump1090 or another decoder)

If you’re new to the world of ADS-B but would still like to get involved – you can apply for a free Plane Finder Radar. If you’re selected we’ll handle shipping you everything you need to get started.

Those that already have the client installed can simply upgrade by following the install instructions again but with the new download.  The configuration will be retained and you’ll be up and working again in no time at all!

As always, we have a healthy community of enthusiasts over on the forums who are always willing to help new users out. Alternatively, if you have questions about either the Plane Finder ADS-B Client or the Plane Finder Radar please feel free to contact us (we respond to every message).

We hope you found this article helpful. We're a small team of enthusiasts dedicated to making live plane tracking available to everyone at the touch of a button. If you'd like to find out more why not try out one of our apps for your Android or iOS device?

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