We have recently seen US Airways Flight 787, Callsign AWE787, depart Bangor, Maine after a diversion to offload a passenger reported to have been acting suspiciously.

The female passenger was met by law enforcement officers at the airport and is reported to have said that she had explosives implanted in her body!

The North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled two F-15 fighter jets in response to the incident.

You can see the flight now, once again on the way to Charlotte, here on planefinder.net http://planefinder.net/flight/AWE787

The aircraft, N251AY, had departed Paris, Charles de Gaulle, France bound for Charlotte Douglas International, North Carolina.

The link below shows the aircraft approaching Bangor International Airport earlier.


The Boeing 767-200, Registration Number N251AY involved can be seen below (image from a previous flight).

Track N251AY diverted to Bangor, Maine
Photo by Ray McFadyen

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