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About Santa’s Sleigh

Every year come the December 24th, Father Christmas, Santa or Good Old St. Nick – however, you refer to him, has 32 hours to travel over 510,000,000 km, visiting over 91.8 million homes to get presents to over 400 million children. This, of course, varies yearly, depending on whose been good of course!

Now to get all of this done in one evening and to prevent the invariable heartbreak, tears and tantrums if he did not get round in time, Santa and his sleigh – powered by flying reindeer of course – moves at 10,703,437.5km/hr or 1,800 miles per second!

Now, with this being well over twice the speed of sound, I still find it remarkable that people complain how ‘Santa can’t be real as I’ve never seen him” and that “if he was real I surely would have seen him fly over.” Now, I don’t wish to be patronising in the slightest, but when was the last time you could focus on something covering more than 1,800 miles per second!?

Use Plane Finder’s Flight Tracker to Track Santa’s Sleigh

As an alternative, Plane Finder’s dynamic flight tracker is equipped to allow you to track Santa’s sleigh through the skies this Christmas.

If you want to see where Santa and his sleigh is this Christmas Eve, use our live radar tracker here: Santa 2016.

Or search for Santa’s unique Flight Number: SANTA2016

Plane Finder’s Flight Tracker: Mobile Application and Desktop

To track Santa’s Sleigh on the Plane Finder mobile app, you should search using Santa’s unique Flight Number: SANTA2016

To download Plane Finder’s Flight Tracking App from the App Store or via the Play Store for ‘on the go’ sleigh tracking, please click here.

The mobile application comes fully equipped with dynamic augmented reality capabilities. These can pick out and name all planes and sleighs flying near you at any given moment!

Alternatively, use our interactive desktop version.

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