Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand new version of Plane Finder for the web. It’s packed full of exciting new features, sports an improved user interface, better support for mobile devices, and comes with a huge number of performance improvements!

The new Plane

Extended ADS-B data Extended ADS-B Data

Thanks to recent improvements to our ADS-B Client, we’ve updated the Plane Finder website to include a whole host of extended ADS-B data – and we’re offering it to our desktop users completely free of charge. From wind speed to vert rate and barometric readings, we now offer more data for free than any other major flight tracker.

flight status data Improved Flight Status Data

Following on from the successful roll-out of our new iOS application, we’ve updated the Plane Finder website to use more accurate flight status information and airport departure and arrival times.

Mobile support Mobile Support

While we still believe our native mobile applications are the best way to track live air traffic on-the-go we’re happy to report that the Plane Finder website now comes with an improved responsive experience for mobile users.

 Mobile flight tracking

flight tracking Tweaks and Optimisations

This update is packed with performance improvements and polish. We’ve improved our flightpath visualisation and now accurately report areas of estimation. As an added bonus, we also now allow users to mouseover any part of a flightpath to inspect the aircrafts speed and altitude at that point.

We hope you enjoy the changes we’re making, and will continue to make, to the Plane Finder experience. If you find the new website features useful we’d love it if you shared the site with friends and family on social media.

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