The Endeavour space shuttle is once again airborne.

Endeavour Space Shuttle Timescale

Endeavour took off at 07:22 EDT on the back of NASA’s modified Boeing 747 aircraft.

This is that start of a two day flight as Endeavour travels to her retirement home at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Endeavour Space Shuttle
Photo © NASA

This is also the final ferry flight of NASA’s space shuttle program.

Boeing 747, Tail Number N905NA

The Boeing 747, tail number N905NA, left the Kennedy Space Centre before flying for 20 minutes at very low level around the Florida Space Beach area.

Endeavour will take a scenic route to Houston and will spend Wednesday night at Ellington Field before a fuel stop on Thursday at Biggs Army Airfield, El Paso.

Thursday night sees an overnight stop at Edwards Airforce Base before a low level flight around California on Friday.

Endeavour is expected to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport between 11:00 and noon on Friday 21st September.

As with previous space shuttle ferry flights the journey is designed to give as many people as possible the chance to see the space craft.

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