With the launch of iOS 10 we’re welcoming a new arrival: Plane Finder for iMessage. Ever wanted to share the live status of your flight with friends and family? Now you can with Plane Finder!

Plane Finder and iMessage

Whether you’re flying out to see family, or going on that holiday you’ve always dreamed of, Plane Finder lets you share your excitement with a countdown to take-off. Once you’re in the air recipients will be able to track your progress live, complete with up-to-the-minute arrival times and journey progress.

Plane Finder App

How it Works

Plane Finder for iMessage couldn’t be easier. Just download the latest Plane Finder update and follow these simple steps to help get you started:

  • Open the Messages app and choose a recipient.
  • Scroll to Plane Finder for iMessage and enter your flight number.
  • That’s it! Just hit send and soon your family and friends will be tracking your flight live.

How to get it

Plane Finder for iMessage comes with the Plane Finder app for iOS and is available as a free upgrade for existing users. If you’re new to Plane Finder you can find it on the App Store by clicking here.

We hope you found this article helpful. We're a small team of enthusiasts dedicated to making live plane tracking available to everyone at the touch of a button. If you'd like to find out more why not try out one of our apps for your Android or iOS device?

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