Last night there was a lot of activity on Twitter about a Ryanair flight that was bound for Oslo (ENRY) from Liverpool (EGGP) airport. @FMCNL noticed a strange flight before it started squawking 7700.

Ryan Air diversion Twitter News


The flight was RYR9128 and was flown by a Boeing 737-800 EI-ENI.

The flight was en route over the North Sea when it started squawking 7700 and had to divert.  The aircraft diverted to Newcastle and landed safely.


For some unknown reason at the moment the captain became incapacitated and the first officer took charge of the divert back to Newcastle.

The flight carried on with aircraft EI-DLT and the passengers were delayed around 3.5 hours.

Ryan Air Flight 9128 diversion over Scotland

You can watch the flight yourself by clicking the link below.

Track the Ryanair Flight Diverted
EI-ENI taken by Stephen Morris from

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