Ryanair has disputed claims that its ‘one carry-on bag’ rule is a safety requirement and not, as one MEP has implied, a way to make money out of unsuspecting passengers, breakingtravelnews.com writes.

Ryanair EI-EML
RyanAir EI-EML as taken by Stephen Morris

Ryanair’s Fleet of Aircrafts

As those that study flight progress, maps will know, Ryanair operates a vast fleet across a busy schedule but has earned itself a ‘penny-pinching’ reputation. However, the no-frills carrier felt compelled to explain itself after members of the European Parliament made what the airline called “false claims”.

Europe-wide Aviation Rules

MEP Brian Simpson had been calling for a set of consistent Europe-wide aviation rules to “help alleviate cancer that is add-on charges which bedevil European aviation and leave passengers often angry, confused and with a feeling of being robbed”. In his speech, he made reference to “certain airlines [which] look to charge for everything”.

As such, Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara was keen to divulge the reasoning behind the controversial directive, which allows passengers to carry on one item of carry-on luggage free of charge, weighing no more than 10 kilogrammes. Mr McNamara said that Ryanair operates with very high load factors – an average of 83 per cent against an IATA industry average of 77.3 per cent – as most passengers bring 10kg of carry-on luggage.

Second Bags on Flights

Due to this, there is simply not enough room to allow second bags. The airline claims that most overhead lockers and under-seat storage space is used up. “The purpose of Ryanair’s free of charge ten kilogrammes carry-on bag is to allow passengers to avoid our checked in bag fees,” Mr McNamara said to businessandleadership.com.

“Ryanair’s one carry-on bag rule cannot be changed for safety reasons. It would be helpful if these MEPs made some basic attempt to understand Ryanair’s safety and low fare policies before making false and inaccurate claims in the European Parliament.”

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