April 6th, 2012

Passengers are back in the UK after a frightening cabin pressure incident on a Ryanair Flight from Bergamo, Italy to Nottingham, England.

The flight was Ryanair Flight FR-1707 / RYR1703 (Callsign RYR8AR) on route from Bergamo (BGY ) to East Midlands Airport (EMA) when cabin pressure suddenly dropped.

Ryanair Flight FR-1707
EI-DAH – Photograph by Jon Bland

The incident occurred shortly after 09:00 GMT (10:00 UK/UTC) when passenger oxygen masks dropped from the overhead compartments with the aircraft at 30,825ft.

The aircraft, registration EI-DAH, issued a 7700 squawk alert.

Boeing 737-800 Alert

Following the alert the aircraft, a Boeing 737-800, made a rapid decent to 10,000ft as is common practice in such incidents.

Plane Finder users will have seen this incident at the time if using our app alert notification system or if following @planefinder7700 on Twitter.

The fast decent obviously frightened passengers with three requiring minor medical treatment.

The aircraft diverted to Frankfurt where it made an emergency landing.

Passengers later boarding another flight back to East Midlands Airport (EMA).

You can see the incident here on Plane Finder

Ryan Air cabin pressure incident flight path

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