Tracking Flights with Augmented Reality

It’s been great to see Augmented Reality (AR) in the news again recently with people all over the world using their mobile phones to catch those pesky Pokémon.

In a world first way back in 2010, we made it possible to capture planes in the same way!

In 2016 we’re still doing this so if you see people pointing their phones at the sky they might well be using Plane Finder and not Pokémon GO!

The AR feature in Plane Finder works just like Pokémon GO. Just point the phone at the nearby plane and you get to see the info on your screen.

Flight Alerts

You can even get an alert when certain planes of interest are in your area!

Tracking Flights in Plane Finder
Catching Planes in Plane Finder

That screenshot above was captured live near Perugia, Italy. In the very latest version of Plane Finder, you can now simply tap the captured plane to find out all about the flight and see it on a map too.

So How Does Plane Finder Actually Work?

The tech in your smartphone includes a compass, GPS receiver an accelerometer which combine together to know where you are, which way you are facing and how you are holding your phone. At Plane Finder, we know where most planes are too thanks to our world-class flight tracking network! So – we combine these two things and you get to capture planes!

It could take some time to catch them all, though!

Got to Track Them All!

Download the Plane Finder app for iOS and Android today and start tracking those flights. Compare a number of flight paths your ADS-B antenna has tracked with those across the world with our sharing platform.

We hope you found this article helpful. We're a small team of enthusiasts dedicated to making live plane tracking available to everyone at the touch of a button. If you'd like to find out more why not try out one of our apps for your Android or iOS device?

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