We are looking for some help setting up the core of our new UK Multilateration (MLAT) ADS-B radar network.
To support this we are offering high quality receivers – completely free to good homes!

We have the following initial target locations:

  • Swindon.
  • Worcester.
  • Northampton.
  • High Wycombe.
  • Sevenoaks.
  • Thetford.
  • Colchester.
  • Derby.
  • Liverpool.
  • Goole.

We’ll supply the receiver, antenna and required cables.

To host a free MLAT receiver we need locations that meet the following criteria:

  1. Antenna mounted above the surrounding rooflines (pole or tower mount).
  2. 360º field of view (we are aiming for 200 miles line of sight)
  3. Unlimited bandwidth broadband internet service (MLAT traffic won’t affect normal internet use but the data use does add up).
  4. Internet connection via Ethernet cable (for reliability).
  5. Able to respond quickly to problems (for example rebooting the system if it does trip up).
  6. You will enjoy the equipment!

You will of course get free apps if you want them too!

If you would like to help, meet the criteria and are located in or near one of our target locations please complete our free ADS-B receiver form at http://planefinder.net/about/free-ads-b-receiver/ (the MLAT receivers are standalone and do not require a PC).

If your location isn’t listed and you think you could help in the future please fill out the form too!

We will of course be expanding our MLAT network across the rest of the UK – and the world!!

Any questions please let us know via [email protected]

How to Flight Track
A decent ADS-B polar radar diagram – from Plane Finder sharing site

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