Emirates Airbus A380-800 flight EK319 from Narita to Dubai had to make an emergency landing at Narita, Japan on 21st October 2012.

A Passenger Story of Emirates Airbus A380-800

One of the Plane Finder regulars has just returned home and reported the following:

“Departed Narita 21 October in this A380 heading for Dubai. Failed to climb to cruise altitude or take the correct heading after take off.

Capt then announced we have a technical problem that means we won’t have enough fuel to get to Dubai so are returning to Narita. Some understatement – the flaps are stuck half in half out. That also means we will have to land much faster than normal and much heavier or Narita will be closed.

First (downwind) landing aborted at the last moment then an upwind landing achieved. However very fast and heavy with only wheel brakes available for stopping. These brakes overheat causing 50% of tyres to ‘deflate’, significant undercarriage damage, fire brigade to extinguish fire.

Congratulations to Emirates cockpit crew, Narita emergency services, airport staff and me for departing on another (as in different) A380 flight 24 hours later. Oh – and Airbus for building very strong undercarriages – look carefully at the wheels!

Emirates Airbus A380-800
Emirates A6-EDC with damaged undercarriage

“Managed to squeeze onto EK319 on 22/10 which was incident free fortunately but a joined some fellow ‘survivors’ in the upstairs bar for a celebratory drink or two during the flight to Dubai.”

Certainly something worth raising a glass too!

More information about the Aircraft can be found on Plane Finders Database

Here is the aircraft in all it’s glory – and with all the wheels and tyres intact!!

Emirates Airbus A380-800
A6-EDC – Photo © Gabriel – pinkfroot.com

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