Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was downed yesterday over Ukraine with the loss of all 295 passengers and crew.

News media report that Boeing 777-200ER aircraft, registration number 9M-MRD, was shot down by a surface to air missile.

9M-MRD Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER
9M-MRD Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER. Photo © Henk Jansen –

The Boeing 777-200ER aircraft is the same model as the lost Malaysian Airlines MH370 aircraft reg 9M-MRO, that disappeared in March.

The 17 year old aircraft lost yesterday was built in 1997 and first flew 17 years to the day of the crash in Ukraine.

The route flown by MH17 on the 17th July is shown below.

Track Flight MH17 Route
MH17 Route – screenshot

Playback link of our last tracking data for the flight:

At the time of disappearance from tracking MH17 was flying at 33,000ft over the Ukrainian conflict zone.

We have extracted our final tracking data for the aircraft for downlaod at:

MH17 also operated as KLM codeshare flight KL4103

MH17 had departed Schiphol Airport (AMS/EHAM), Amsterdam, Netherlands at 12:14 local time bound for Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL/WMKK), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The flight was scheduled to land at 06:10 local time on the 18th July. You can view its departure using our Playback feature here.

The incident poses huge questions for the handling of air traffic in areas of conflict.

Here at we were tracking aircraft flying over the region over the last few weeks and even in the few hours after MH17 was shot down.

MH17 also flew over the area on the 16th July as shown below:

Track Flight from Air India
The same flight 24hrs earlier. Screenshot

An Air India Boeing 787, flight AI116, flying over Eastern Ukraine shortly after the incident is also shown below.

Track Air India Bowing 787 Flight
Air India Boeing 787 flying over Ukraine.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of all of the passengers and crew of MH17.

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