Korean Air is celebrating the addition of freighter versions of Boeing’s 747-8 and 777 to its fleet, becoming the first airline in the world to harness the power of both beasts.

Fuel consumption was a key issue for the aviation giant, who is expected to have paid around $280.1 million (£176m) for the 777 freighter, and $193.5 million (£122.8m) for the 787-8.

Those with an eye for flight tracking the colossal transporters, may catch a glimpse of the 747-8 on its transpacific route, stopping at Osaka and Narita in Japan, Los Angeles and San Francisco, reports Breaking Travel News.

It has a range of 4,390 nautical miles (8,130 km) and a maximum structural payload capacity of 148 tons (134 tonnes). An additional 4,221 cubic feet of storage (120 m3) improves cargo volume over the 474-400 Freighter by 16 per cent.

The 777F meanwhile, Korean Air’s first twin-engine freighter, can be spotted around European destinations, set to include London, Frankfurt and Vienna.

It has a cargo capacity of 103 metric tons (113 tons) with a range of 9,038 kilometres (4,880 nautical miles), explains Boeing.com‘s media office.

Commenting on the acquisition of the freighters, Korean Air chairman, Yang Ho Cho said: “We are very proud to become the first airline in the world to have the combined strengths of these two freighters in its fleet.

“They can help reduce carbon emissions by 17 percent and this supports our goal to be a responsible citizen of the world,” he added.

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