Details surrounding the future of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) were unveiled this weekend, with several proposals likely to raise eyebrows. reports that ‘demolishing and replacing three terminals, moving runways and connecting LAX to the county’s light rail system’ were just some of the proposals raised in the document – which has taken more than six years to produce.

Track the Boeing 767 AA aircraft outside LAX
Delta Aircraft at LAX – Photo by josegsd –

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) claims that dramatic changes such as these will be necessary in allowing the airport to accommodate more than 78 million passengers each year by 2025.

In a dramatic statement, LAWA’s executive director Gina Marie Lindsey, said candidly: “We have two choices: either prepare now by creating a long-term plan to continue the modernisation, or limp along with an airfield designed for 1960s-era aircraft and leave the planning and improvements for others to deal with in the future, after natural demand arrives and airport facilities at LAX will be both insufficient and, in some cases, near the end of their useful life.”

The environmental report was clear that the reconfiguration of runways and taxiways is a foregone conclusion if LAX intends on welcoming newer, larger craft – such as the Airbus A.

According to, it was mooted that the two runways should be separated and moved north or south by 100, 260, 340 or 350 feet to increase the distance between the runways and add a centre taxiway.

While nothing was said of changing LAX’s control tower, where the air traffic radar team is housed, a new ground transportation centre was proposed as was the replacement of Terminals One, Two and Three.

LAWA will hold three community meetings throughout August to discuss the plans further.

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