Last night US Airways Flight 720 from Charlotte, NC to Rome, Italy had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia after passengers became sick.

The foul smell aboard the aircraft made some passengers vomit and others feel ill. Five crew members were reported to have been taken to hospital for checkups.

The image below from shows the route taken by the aircraft.

Smell on Airplane Diversion
US Airways Flight 720 – Screenshot from

You can see a playback of the flight here

The recent image below shows the aircraft involved in the incident, an Airbus A330-300, tail number N276AY.

Flight Track Smelly Plane
Photo by Haydn Greenow –

This morning the flight, callsign AWE720, has departed Philadelphia and is now airborne  Рwe  can see that another Airbus A330-300 aircraft is now being used.

The aircraft, tail number N270AY, can be seen leaving Philadelphia below

Plane Diverted for Bad Smell
US Airways 720 departing for Rome –

Let’s hope that the remainder of the journey is now uneventful!


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