Italian Police have arrested a man who is alleged to have been travelling in the cockpit of Air Dolomiti flights whilst dressed as a pilot.

Fake Pilot Arrested in Italy
A modern aircraft cockpit Photo © Simon Lochery Р

Air Dolomiti Fake Pilots vs Real Pilots

Two real pilots flew the Air Dolomiti plane while the man sat in the cockpit.

The incident seems to bear a striking resemblance to the exploits of Frank Abagnale, Jr. who was portrayed by  Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can.

The 32-yeard Italian old was stopped at Caselle airport in Turin on suspicion of using false IDs, a cap and uniform to convince the crew that he was a qualified pilot.

Police Involvement

A police statement said the suspect was held on suspicion of putting the security of air transport at risk and “usurping a title”.

“On at least one occasion in 2012, pretending to be a pilot of a foreign commercial airline, and with a fake name, he succeeded in flying as the third pilot in the cockpit,” the statement said.

He has been bailed while the investigation continues.

Italian police said the suspect also led them to a garage, where officers found piles of neatly pressed white shirts with epaulettes, black trousers, and jackets which were similar to pilots’ uniforms.

Air Dolomiti
Air Dolomiti РPhoto © Paolo Marras Р

Air Dolomiti are owned by German carrier Lufthansa.

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