Plane Finder has received reports that EgyptAir flight MS181 was hijacked by a man “strapped with explosives” and diverted to Larnaca, Cyprus.

The flight was due to fly from Alexandria to Cairo and had departed a couple of minutes early as part of a scheduled flight between the two airports.

EgyptAir Flight Hijacking
EgyptAir flight MS181 diverts to Cyprus after being hijacked by a man “strapped with explosives”

Flight tracking shows the flight made it most of the way to Cairo before diverting north towards Cyprus. The flight was eventually given permission to land at Larnaca at 08:50 am, several hours after its intended arrival at Cairo.

The aircraft involved is SU-GCB an Airbus A320 that was delivered in 2003 to EgyptAir new from Airbus.

Hijacking Update (12:10 UTC)

We’re happy to report that both Reuters and EgyptAir are reporting that the situation has been resolved peacefully, with all hostages released and the hijacker in custody.

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