EgyptAir Flight MS804 has gone missing over the Mediteranean Sea on route from Paris to Cairo.

The Airbus A320, registration number SU-GCC, departed Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris on Wednesday evening shortly after 23:00 local time and was expected to arrive at Cairo International Airport 03:15 local time.

The aircraft disappeared from air traffic control systems around 175 miles from Egypt as the aircraft was about to begin its descent.

MS804 Missing
Flight Path of Egyptair Flight MS804 showing disappearance approaching Egypt

EgyptAir has reported that the aircraft’s emergency devices sent a signal that was received at 4.26am local time, two hours after the last radar contact.

A search operation is currently underway in the area that the aircraft was last seen with vessels leaving from both Egypt and Crete.

The 12 year old Airbus A320 was carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew at the time it suddenly disappeared from radar tracking.

TheĀ aircraft involved is SU-GCC an Airbus A320-232 was delivered in 2003 to EgyptAir new from Airbus.

On Wednesday 18th May the aircraft had already flown flights from Cairo to Asmara Airport in Eritrea, Asmara to Carthage in Tunisia and from Carthage to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

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