Reduced jetlag and minimised turbulence are just two of the features passengers can enjoy on the much lauded Boeing Dreamliner, which has reached Britain on its world tour, reports.

The test aircraft touched down at Heathrow Airport and has been welcomed warmly by industry experts plus journalists. For a start, the ‘mid-sized’ aircraft can reach new long-haul destinations non-stop, flying 52 per cent further. It will be possible to get from Manchester to Bali, for example.

The “wow factor” for both passengers and pilots, according to Stephen Riley, head of flight operations at BA, is that the wings can be adjusted by up to three metres to produce a smoother flight: “Whatever the level of turbulence, it will bring down a few notches compared [with] what you would expect on other aircraft”.

Inside, bigger overhead bins will accommodate more hand luggage and the windows allow for greater views, being 30 per cent larger than on an A380. Best of all though, is that the use of carbon and polymer resin for the ‘eye catching’ fuselage means that cabin pressure can be kept higher, thus minimising the dizziness, headaches and dehydration associated with jetlag.

Tracking the Dreamliner

Those hoping to track flights made by the Dreamliner will have to wait until next summer when Thomson Airways – the first operator to fly the aircraft – introduces it to the fleet. Later this week, holiday-makers will be able to make bookings for the Dreamliner’s first flights to Cancun and Florida.

Thomson will be closely followed by BA, which has ordered 24 planes to be delivered also in 2013, writes, while Virgin Atlantic commences its offering in 2014.

Dreamliner N787BX
N787BX taken by Artur Wilk at Manchester Airport

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