Boeing has admitted the delivery of its hi-tech 787 Dreamliner aircraft is at risk of delay.

In a report from, the plane manufacturer claims to have sent out a letter to air carriers revealing its “deep regrets” over potential delays.

An ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner
An ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Photo © David Pygott –

It is thought the period of delay will span the next three months, meaning it is unlikely that fans of aircraft will be seeing the Dreamliner on flight progress maps in the short term.

Thomson Airways is just one of the carriers which were expecting imminent delivery of the plane, but it has now admitted the delivery date is uncertain. According to, Thomson had planned to put the aircraft on flights to Mexico and Florida from May 1st, but the recent delay makes this look unlikely.

A statement from Boeing said: “We have informed our customers expecting 787 deliveries in the near term that those aircraft either have been or are at risk of being delayed.

“We are staying in close communication with our customers as we work towards an approved means of compliance with the FAA Airworthiness Directive and develop a plan for resumption of 787 deliveries,” it added.

The delay won’t just hit airline carriers – Boeing will also have to foot the bill for carriers leasing replacement aircraft, which could cost the firm millions.

Better news though for an Airbus delay that we have also been monitoring.

A second Airbus A380 cargo ship arrived off the Welsh coast earlier today – presumably to load Airbus wings which the vessel Ciudad de Cadiz cannot transport because she is still aground in the Dee Estuary.

Ciudad de Cadiz ran aground since last Wednesday (31st January) and due to current low tides may be there for some time to come!

She is on the left of the picture below with sister vessel Ville de Bordeaux.

Airbus A380
1 x aground and 1 x afloat Airbus A380 part carrier ships – Photo © Derek Shute –

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Track the current live vessel position of Ciudad de Cadiz.

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