A Delta Boeing 737-700 Tail number N309DE rolled off the runway and down an embankment at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport earlier today (March 13 2012).

No passengers were on board at the time and there were no reports of injuries although the aircraft is reported to have suffered significant damage!

The incident occurred around 05:00 local time during engine testing by maintenance personnel.

The aircraft was reported to have suffered a brake failure causing it to move away.

Runway 9-R has had to be closed because of the incident.

We were tracking the aircraft into Atlanta last night on Plane Finder.

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Aircraft details

Last flight before incident: DAL1693 – KSNA to KATL

Tail Number: N309DE

Airline: Delta Airlines

Model: Boeing 737-700

Type: B737

Engines: 2 Jet Engines

Hex code: A34111

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