Croatia will pay Ryanair 1.4 million euros to set up base in Zadar next year.

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Government officials have claimed that the money will be a fantastic investment for Croatian tourism. The government will pay half the sum and the Croatian Tourism Association will stump up another 700,000 euros.

Amongst the new journeys that could be spotted on flight progress maps is Zadar to East Midlands Airport. Flights to Beauvais, Dublin, Gothenburg and Wroclaw will also be added – these can even be booked already.

According to, there will be 16 routes from the new base in total, resulting in 68 flights a week. This could help an estimated 300,000 tourists a year.

Writing for, travel journalist Cristina Drafta claimed that the deal would be a winning one for both parties.

She said: “Local staff, the addition of ten more pilots, and the suggested influx of tourists all add up to a “win win” for Ryanair and Croatia.”

Drafta revealed that Zadar was selected ahead of other Croatian airports due to its exemplary performance over the past 12 months. The airport welcomed an estimated 300,000 tourists this year.

Zadar is set to become Ryanair’s 54th European base. Flights to and from the city will begin in April 2013.

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