We’ve had great fun creating 122 editions that have arrived every Friday in AvGeek inboxes across the globe. We hope that you have enjoyed all of the wonderful, bizarre and sometimes sad stories that we’ve pulled together from the crazy world of aviation. Whilst AvGeek Weekly has gone to the great plane desert we’re still here doing what … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – So long, and thanks for all the fish”

Greetings fellow AvGeeks. What a chaotic week that was! Clearly inspired by the Christmas Star Wars spinoff we have machines, drunks and animals all running amok! It’s a good job we finish in Dubai for a timely reminder of the beauty of flying! Flight Simulator Sets Fire to Airport theregister.co.uk Oh dear! This sim got a … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – Rogue Ones”

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays fellow AvGeeks. This week we start and finish our weekly roundup with some cool Santa stories. Ho ho ho Santa’s New Ride? The big fella has been getting some ideas from Amazon it seems! Pilot ‘congratulates passengers’ for drinking all of the alcohol on board telegraph.co.uk AvGeek respect to the Raider … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – Happy Holidays”

Welcome to another AvGeek Roundup. We start our roundup with the shocking aviation disaster in Colombia – a crash that poses a lot of questions about decisions made. This week we also question the sanity of one passenger who couldn’t wait to leave her plane, learn some heli-science and get some answers about the toll … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – Why?”

Welcome to another AvGeek delivered directly to your desktop. Sadly, we begin with some of our feathered friends that won’t be making any more deliveries. In a busy week, we also check out a couple of great plane videos, have some ATC fun but also see what can happen when an ATC professional makes an error. … Continue reading “AvGeek Weekly – Baby Boom?”